Romanian Archdiocese devoted to translating Georges Florovsky’s collected works

The collected works of the Orthodox theologian Georges Florovsky are being translated into Romanian language by the Reintregirea Publishing House of the Alba Iulia Archdiocese.

The translation project is coordinated by Fr. Oliviu Botoi, cultural counsellor of the archdiocese.

The Romanian translation of Fr Florovsky’s first two volumes on ‘Bible, Church, Tradition’ and ‘Christianity and Culture’ have already been published in Alba Iulia.

Three other volumes are expected to be published soon, Fr Oliviu Botoi told the Basilica News Agency.

In the foreword of the first volume, theologian and translator Radu Teodorescu wrote that “the theological message of Father Georges Florovsky addressed to his contemporaries is a topical one, but also an alarm signal for the 21st-century theologian.”

Florovsky International Conference

The theological legacy of Protopresbyter Georges Florovsky was highlighted during an international conference marking the 40th anniversary of Florovsky’s repose in Constantinople at the beginning of September.

The conference was organized by the Ecumenical Patriarchate and gathered renowned Orthodox theologians from throughout the world.

During his opening speech, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew stressed that Florovsky’s work is and will continue to be the inspiration and direction of theological work for generations to come.

Fr. Georges Florovsky was a groundbreaking theologian and professor, and has been called the “rector of Orthodox theologians” in the 20th century.

His inspiring appeal to the theologians to return to the patristic springs and to acquire the spirit of the Church Fathers; and to the Church to engage the powerful historical and ecumenical challenges of our time, was a landmark for Orthodox theology and influence Christian thought to this day.

Photo: Orthodox Christian Network

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