Retired Bishop Daniil gives sermon to the very revered walls: Forgive us, who were and still are only “whitewashed walls”

Retired Bishop Daniil of Dacia Felix gave a notable sermon on Sunday addressing ‘the Very Reverend Walls, the Reverend Chant Stands and Chairs in our Orthodox churches.’

Speaking to the church objects and walls, the retired bishop Daniil Stoenescu said that illness and the inability to cross the threshold of churches these days are a result of human unrepentance.

He said that we have been all ‘a lot colder for Easter and Christmas, more lukewarm on Sundays and holidays, more absent on feast days and holy days.’

Although comparing the coronavirus pandemic with Noah’s flood, bishop Daniil sent not only rebuke but also encouragement. He noted that the omnipresent Cross of Christ rises over all the turbulent waves of the waters of the times we live.

‘Very Reverend Walls, forgive us who were and still are only “whitewashed walls” in Christ’s Church,’ said the former bishop of Dacia Felix at the end of his homily on March 29.

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