Proud for… being a sinner

The Holy Scripture states unequivocally: homosexuality is a sin. That does not imply that he who sins is lost. On the contrary, the Church detests the sin, but loves the sinners and saves them by their correction.

But what happens when sin is believed to be a virtue? Exactly what we see on the streets at the Gay Pride parades: a public praise of sin.

In fact, this parade is part of an ampler strategy: the implementation of the ‘open society’ in democratic societies. The reason is very simple: the globalization of economics leads to the globalization of the markets, which cannot function without the globalization of society and public policies.

Since it is not possible for all members of a society to be levelled (as all dictatorial regimes or ‘closed’ societies want), liberal democrats thought of an reverse strategy: to allow everyone everything they want, because freedom can serve economics more than constraint. A man allowed to consume freely is a much better client than the one who fasts and practices self-control.

Thus, a new ‘gospel’ of the world appears: ‘the Open Society gospel’, which has been struggling for some time to replace Christ’s Gospel. The essence of this new ‘preaching’ is simple: human imperfection is the new economic engine of the world, and that is why it has to be encouraged and even supported.

This is how the need of new morality appears, the need of new ‘public morals’. The goal is achieved by pushing individual rights and freedoms into the trap of libertinism. Because ‘the right to sin’ is just a trap, not a virtue.

For this, since the last century, all types of (ideological, political, economic, sexual etc.) ‘liberation’ movements have emerged freeing man from the ‘constraining’ rules of holiness. The first moral obstacle faced by these liberation movements was the Church.

It was natural, because moral relativism immediately contradicted Christian morals, the foundation of society until that moment. Thus, an ideological warfare began with the Church, first in Western democracies, and after the fall of the communist regime, in Eastern Europe.

In the framework of the sexual “liberation” movement, a particular direction is to raise homosexuality to the rank of “normality”. To succeed, they have resorted to the oldest manipulative spiritual strategy: inserting the idea that sin is not a spiritual damage, but a virtue, a gain, or, at least, a natural given. So, it is no longer necessary to humble yourself for sin, for it no longer exists, but you should even to be proud that you are … a sinner.

The immediate consequence of this attitude is the rewriting of morals. Since you think you have something to be “proud” of, you do not have the problem of “falling” or imperfection. Thus, fallen in this trap, the soul loses God, and the end will be cruel, according to David the Psalmist: “The fool says in his heart,” There is no God “(Psalm 53: 1).

To annihilate the idea that homosexuality is a sin, two more recent ideas have been introduced:

God loves homosexuals, and more so, God has made them thus. This wants to induce the idea that homosexuals have no blame for being so, because choice does not belong to them. It is hard to understand why you would be prouder of this situation, but even harder to understand the situations of “transformation” from heterosexual to homosexual and vice versa. About which LGBT community advocates do not speak of.

Gay persons truly love themselves. They want to induce the idea that whoever opposes is an insensitive, a homophobe, a close-minded, a bigot. The argument can be believed by those lacking spiritual knowledge. LGBT “Love” is not the first nor the only form of love to be misinterpreted. On the planet there is also the love of pleasure, the love of money, the love of power, the self-love, and many other love-traps. Even “eros” is not seen in Christianity as a virtue in itself, as long as it must be transformed into “agape,” even in the Sacrament of Marriage.

But theological misrepresentation is aimed only at the desire of the LGBT people to isolate the Church as an opinion-maker of the public space. Inspiring the idea that God permits homosexuality, it seems that God is no longer the One preached by the Church, and that the Church has “manipulated” somehow the Truth about God (for how many times the Church was not accused of manipulation?), and that the Church is persecuting them unjustly.

The labeling of the Church as a “foe” of gay people is an old manipulation strategy. But it hides a new secret: trying to turn the Christian’s tolerance into acceptance. As examples, we are given the Christian denominations in the West, which, being too caught in the gaps of the Caesaropapism, accepted the compromise.

Thus, Gay Pride seeks to obtain public support for eventual legalization of LGBT relationships. Through the force of the “street,” by demonizing the three million supporters of the Referendum for the natural family, as God founded it (“male and female God created them,” Jesus would say to the desperation of all who trumpet that Jesus opposed homosexuality), but also by supporting Embassies (not less than 32 this year), the Truth is to be reformulated and the Church to be silent.

Unfortunately, the strategists behind the movement are deceiving themselves, like Judas in his dealings.

Although the number of votes counts in democracy, Truth is not determined by their number.

And the globalizing encouragement of libertinism will only bring spiritual self-destruction of humanity.

Article signed by Rev. Eugen Tanasescu, Mass Media adviser at the Tomis Archdiocese

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