Priest, doctor join hands to provide free health care services to women

Father Florin Danu, a priest at Lada Parish, Teleorman County, announced on March 1 a new program of free ultrasounds for women. The health prevention project is possible through the parish’s partner, Dr Negoiță Clinic in Bucharest.

“How much love and strength a woman’s heart can sustain; only a few eyes can truly see. To materialize them, women need a firm and healthy body,” Father Florin Danu wrote on Facebook, announcing the free breast, abdominal and thyroid ultrasounds for women.

In a short time, through Facebook, he received 40 applications, so that the registrations will be able to resume only in May. Doctor Adina Negoiță can schedule a maximum of three free ultrasounds per week.

“The partnership with the Bucharest clinic dates back over a year. More than 60 women from our parish were able to get free ultrasounds. Most of them had never done this investigation before, and six women found some problems that they treated,” explained Father Florin Danu.

Through the Mana Cerească Association of Lada parish in Tătărăștii de Jos commune, Father Florin Danu builds social houses. He maintains a support centre for children at risk of dropping out of school. In 2019, he also modernized the school toilet in the commune.

Photography courtesy of Facebook / Florin Danu

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