Presbytera Petronela Bărăscu: We have received life as a gift; we owe to cherish it as time of salvation

Presbytera Petronela Bărăscu has expressed her gratitude for all the good things she received from God, the most precious of which are life and family. Before the one year memorial of her husband, the former parish priest of Parava parish in Bacău County, she wrote on Facebook: “We have received life as a gift, we owe to cherish it as a time of salvation.”

Father Marius Gabriel Bărăscu reposed in the Lord a year ago, following a car accident, which happened exactly on his birthday – he was 35 years old. He left behind his grieving wife and four children.

“We are terrified that this moment will come for us too and we cling desperately to life. We run away from hardships, from sufferings and we exhaust our souls in search of earthly happiness, forgetting that we are called to leave everything and to follow Him on the narrow and tormented path,” the presbytera wrote on her Facebook account.

Petronela Barascu expressed her gratitude for what she has and her confidence that everything that happens is in God’s hands: “After the father left, I understood that nothing belongs to us and that everything comes from the hand of the God of mercy and philanthropy.”

“Life is a gift because not everyone has received it and no one can prolong it by their own strength. Health is a gift because not everyone has it and it can be lost at any time; spouse, children are gifts received from Above. ”

“When we lose one of these gifts, let us thank that we still have the others. Let us not murmur that it was taken from us because it was not really ours, but of the One who made us worthy of it,” she added.

The presbytera referred to the memorial services for Father Marius Gabriel Bărăscu. On August 7, a memorial service was held at Sihla Monastery, and on August 8, Fr Marius’ birthday, he was remembered at the church in Parava and at his grave.

Petronela Bărăscu told last year on Facebook about the moment she found out that she had lost her husband: “When the children woke up, I cried with them in my arms and hugged them tightly so that I could feel their father’s presence in everyone… God, truly the most precious legacy is they, the children, and in their innocent eyes the Light shines. ”

“They told me something that opened my heart, changed the direction I was looking and gave me the strength to look up at the sky: ‘Mommy, for his birthday, Daddy received Heaven!'”

The words of the children gave her hope: “Truly, love is stronger than death! I felt that all the tears shed for us extinguish the pain and give rise to the hope and joy of the Resurrection,” she wrote.

Petronela Bărăscu’s attitude in the face of the ordeal she went through made Father Constantin Sturzu, the spokesman of the Archdiocese of Iasi, exclaim: “A love above all that we find in history or literature… This is missing from most couples’ stories famous – God!”

Photo source: Facebook / Petronela Bărăscu

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