Prayer for the Soul of Reverend Father Alexandru Moţoc

On 26 March 2016, in the evening, the church of the Holy Trinity Tei was overcrowded with the many priests and faithful who had come to pray for the forgiveness of the sins and eternal rest of Reverend Father Alexandru Moţoc.

His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church celebrated a trisagion service in the church where Father Alexandru Moţoc served during the last few years of his life and where he had been lying in state since yesterday – TRINITAS TV informs.

His Beatitude delivered an encouraging speech for the family in which he underlined the fact that Father Alexandru Moţoc was a tireless missionary in the work of the Church.

“Father Alexandru was a diligent, merciful man, with deep sense of responsibility for his mission in the service of the Church. He was an exemplary father of his family and spiritual father for his parish. He has also served the Holy Synod Chancery with much devotion. He had special sense for the good development of the Church, fidelity and special commitment, so that we lost a very good and competent servant of the Church by his unexpected passing away. He proved a good knowledge of the history of our Church. He defended the good name of the Church in difficult cases, explaining to people with different understanding of the church life, very clearly and with much fidelity to the holy tradition of the Church”, the Patriarch of Romania said.


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