Praise the Lord! – National Contest of Church music, 5th edition, 2012

Saturday, 27 October 2012, “Patriarch Teoctist” Aula Magna of the Patriarchate Palace hosted the National stage of the Contest of Church Music named “Praise the Lord!”, at its 5th edition. This year the contest convened the choruses of the deaneries of the Romanian Patriarchate. The national stage held in the presence of the Patriarch of Romania and of the Metropolitan of Egyna, gathered the six choruses representing the six Metropolitanates of the Romanian Patriarchate – informs TRINITAS TV.

After deliberation, the jury decided that the 1st prize should be awarded to “Dimitrie Suceveanu” chorus of Deanery II of Bucharest, conducted by Rev. Lecturer Dr. Alexandru Dumitrescu (366 points). The chorus represented the Metropolitanate of Muntenia and Dobrudgea.

The prizes II and III were cumulated, the 2nd prize having been awarded to two choruses which got the same number of points. So, the chorus of <I>Prof. Dr. Vasile Petrascu</i> of Deanery II of Cluj, conducted by Rev. Archdeacon Daniel Ioan Frumos got 364 points, and so did the <i>”Reintegration”</i> chorus of the Deanery of Alba, conducted by Rev. Deacon Nicolae Toparcean.

The 3rd mention was awarded to the priests’ chorus of the Deanery of Lugoj of the Archdiocese of Timisoara, conducted by rev. Deacon Cristian Cerbu (254 points); the 2nd mention was awarded to Deanery of South Craiova of the Archdiocese of Craiova, conducted by Rev. Lecturer Dr. Antoniou Zamfir (304 points); the 1st mention was awarded to the <i>Cherubim</i> chorus of the Deanery of Botosani, conducted by Rev. Mihai Olivian Sandu (330 points).

The Jury has also awarded a diploma of participation, a special prize, as well as a prize for the best conductor. Tonight, the competitors placed on the first four places at the composition section were awarded prises too within the contest. The theme was “Mystery of the Holy Unction”.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel congratulated all the participants and delivered a speech entitled the <b>Liturgical Music – Missionary Work of the Church</b>.

“While promoting the worthy church music, the National Contest of Church Music entitled <i>”Praise the Lord!”</i> contributes to the promotion of the treasure of the national and universal church music and encourages the young priests and deacons to participate in the choruses of the deaneries, strengthening the communion, promoting the artistic feeling, and renewing the missionary spirit. At the same time, the composition section within this national contest is designed to enrich the Romanian liturgical repertory and to stimulate the creativity of the composers of ecclesiastic music in the country. At the same time, this contest is designed to convey to the audience and faithful, especially through Trinitas radio and television, the beauty and mysteries of the church music of Byzantine inspiration, showing that the harmony between word and melody, between the depth of the theological teachings and the joy of the spiritual elevation is the thanksgiving offer and praise brought to God and source of spiritual comfort for the pilgrims who have come these days to Bucharest to worship the saints healers of spiritual and physical diseases: Dimitrios the New, Protector of Bucharest and Nectarie of Egyna”, His Beatitude said.

During the jury’s deliberation the chorus of “Cypriote Singers” of the Metropolitanate of Trimidunda of Cyprus performed a short concert.

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