Popular Greek Singer Nikos Vertis: ‘I love Christ and I carry Him always in my soul’

Invited by Nikos Hatzinikolaou at the weekly informative show “Enopios Enopio,” the popular Dutch-Greek singer Nikos Vertis spoke about his faith and the relation with Christ.

‘I love Christ and I have Him always in my life,’ Nikos Vertis said, Romfea reports.

‘We are living times when youth is afraid to say “I believe in Christ”.’

‘Why do I believe in Christ? Not for the miracles he did. I believe in Christ because He has that thing that represents me in my life. The beginning and the end. Love.’

‘With love you can solve everything in life. This is what Christ means to me: love, this is what He taught me,’ Vertis said during the talk-show on January 7.

The popular Greek singer said that people should not judge priests and ‘if we want to believe in Christ, we have to be close to Christ with love and to judge ourselves. To improve ourselves.’

Photography: Youtube

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