Patriarch Daniel’s 2022 Easter message: The feast urges us all to share Christ’s joy and peace with those around us

In a video message for Easter 2022, Patriarch Daniel stressed that the feast of the Resurrection of the Lord calls for sharing the joy and peace of Christ with those around us through prayer and good works.

The Patriarch of Romania also urged support for those who need our help, including Ukrainian refugees.

Message by His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Orthodox Church for Holy Pascha 2022: full text

The Resurrection from the dead of the Lord Jesus Christ means the victory of His crucified love over the death caused by hatred and violence.

However, Christ’s Resurrection is not a return to biological, earthly life but a transition from earthly, temporal life to heavenly, eternal life.

This is why we chant during the Resurrection service on Easter night: We celebrate the death of death and the beginning of a different, eternal life because Christ who rose from the dead gave joy to the Myrrh-bearing women and peace to His disciples.

The Feast of Pascha urges all Christians to share Christ’s joy and peace through prayer and good works with those around us.

In particular, let us pray for an end to the war in Ukraine and help Ukrainian refugees.

Let us also show compassion and merciful love to all the sick and saddened, the elderly and lonely, and the children of poor families.

At the same time, let us keep in our fraternal love all the Romanians around the Romanian borders and in the Romanian diaspora.

On the Feast of Holy Pascha, we wish you all peace and joy, health and gladness, together with the Easter greeting “Christ is risen! – He is risen indeed!”

† Daniel
Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

Photography courtesy of / Mircea Florescu

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