Patriarch Daniel inaugurates new staffroom at Bucharest Faculty of Orthodox Theology

The new staffroom that will allow professors to socialise and prepare their lessons was opened at ‘Patriarch Justinian’ Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Bucharest during a blessing service held by His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel on Tuesday.

The inauguration took place in the presence of the faculty staff and students.

Addressing those present, Patriarch Daniel referred to the responsibility professors have in education.

The Patriarch of Romania said that the institution must always have “the conscience of continuity in dignity”, and the good name must be “preserved, cultivated and intensified.”

“There have been great professors here throughout history,” the Patriarch said June 25, adding that they received national and international recognition.

On this occasion, the Patriarch presented the Faculty’s dean with several volumes published by the Romanian Patriarchate’s Publishing Houses.

The official opening of the Faculty of Theology took place on November 12, 1881, but only in 1890 was the Faculty recognized by the State.

Photography courtesy of / Mircea Florescu

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