Parliament establishes national day celebrating Romanian village

Romania’s Parliament established a new national day celebrating the Romanian village. As provided by law 44/2020, the day, which was declared on April 3, sets aside the last Sunday of September as the Romanian Village Day.

The law provides that the Day of the Romanian Village can be organized by the authorities of the central and local public administration, by other state institutions, as well as by natural or legal persons.

Celebrations can include organizing and participating in programs and events of social, cultural and scientific character in order to appreciate and to promote the Romanian village.

The bill on the establishment of the Day of the Romanian Village was initiated by deputy Florin Roman. According to the statement of reasons, “The Day of the Romanian Village must be a true national holiday of the perennial values of Romania, with exhibitions, thematic fairs, conferences and seminars on the theme of conservation, promotion and development of our ancient rural settlements.”

2019 was a continuous Romanian Village Day

Last year was a continuous Day of the Romanian Village in all the dioceses of the Romanian Orthodox Church. 2019 was declared by the Holy Synod a Solemn Year of the Romanian Village (of priests, teachers and diligent mayors).

As a result, one of the first initiatives under the auspices of the Solemn Year of the Romanian village came from the Basilica News Agency, through its photo exhibition titled “The Portrait of the Romanian village,” organized in collaboration with 14 artists.

During the year, throughout the country, but also in the diaspora, there were numerous events aiming to rediscover, to promote, but also to help the Romanian village and the people from rural areas in difficulty.

Photography courtesy of / Raluca Ene

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