Our Saviour Jesus Christ transforms the healed man in a steadfast missionary: Patriarch Daniel

‘Our Saviour transforms the man He had healed into a steadfast missionary to his city, to tell everyone how much God has done for him,’ Patriarch Daniel said on Sunday addressing the congregation at the National Cathedral’s Chapel in Bucharest.

His Beatitude the Patriarch of Romania offered his reflections on the gospel passage from Luke stressing that ‘the man who was healed by Jesus is a teacher of repentance.’

The Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church urged everyone ‘to always thank God and tell others how much good God has done for us.’

His Beatitude explained why the demons were allowed to go into the pigs.

‘Our Saviour allowed the demons to go into the herd of pigs because the inhabitants of that city were too preoccupied with material profit.’

‘Even though Jews did not eat pork, since pigs were considered unclean animals, these people in the region of the Gerasenes were growing pigs to sell them and have a material profit,’ His Beatitude said October 21, 2018.

‘That is why Jesus allowed this material loss,’ the Patriarch pointed out, ‘to draw attention to the spiritual life.’

‘Sometimes God allows some material damage in our life that we do not associate too much with the limited, passing things, but rather take care of the salvation of the soul, to achieve virtues, and perform good deeds,’ the Romanian Patriarch noted.

The Patriarch added that ‘through this miracle, through His way of thinking and working, the Saviour teaches without speaking.’

We also observe that ‘demons’ power is great but limited’ at the same time, the Patriarch said stressing the ways through which Christians can protect themselves from the demonic power.

‘If we ask the hep of Jesus, he frees us from the demonic power, and when man has a strong faith and prays often, then demons have no power over him, especially when he makes the sign of the holy cross.’

‘Demons fear the holy cross, because Jesus the humble One was crucified on it, and He judges the proud evil spirits.’

At the end of the Divine Liturgy, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel offered the Chapel several volumes published at the Romanian Patriarchate’s publishing houses.

The liturgical answers were offered by the Anastasis Byzantine Choir of the Chapel.

The Resurrection of the Lord Chapel of the National Cathedral was built in 2011 with the blessing of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel.

The Chapel has formed a large group of volunteers who are involved in various social activities.

Photography: Mihnea Păduraru / Lumina Newspaper

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