OrthPhoto Awards international photo competition announces its winners

The first edition of the international Orthodox photo competition “OrthPhoto Awards” concluded on Tuesday with the announcement of its winners. The ceremony was held at the Center of Orthodox Culture in Bialystok, Poland, and it was live-streamed on different platforms.

More than 650 photographers from almost 30 countries took part and over 4,500 photos presenting Orthodoxy in 35 countries were submitted to seven categories. The contest aimed at promoting and selecting the Orthodox world’s most impressive photographers.

The international jury was made of 21 people who met online, having the difficult task of analysing and selecting the best works.

A selection of photos was displayed at St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Bialystok and will be available for the public for the future month.

The Publishing House of the Polish Orthodox Church will release a photo album in late 2021 including pictures from the OrthPhoto Awards competition.

The organising committee and the jury members extend thanks and congratulations to all participants.


Grand Prize

Vladimir Orlov, Russia


1st place: Gheorghiță Epureanu, Romania
2nd place: Tomasz Mościcki, Poland
3rd place: Florin Cristescu, Romania
Honorary mentions: Sergey Ryzhkov, Ukraine; Andrei Oleshko, Russia; Sergei Borisenko Russia; Boris Bort, Russia; Tatjana Lelic, Serbia; Mikhail Kapychka, Belarus


1st place: Tomasz Żaczek, Poland
2nd place: Boris Musić, Montenegro
3rd place: Vladimir Vasiliev, Russia
Honorary mentions: Konstantina Kanellopoulou, Greece; Alina Ilina, Russia; Evghenia Borsukova-Surikova, Russia; Denislav Stoychev, Bulgaria; Octavian Chende, Romania


1st place: Andrey Smolnikov, Russia
2nd place: Tomasz Mościcki, Poland
3rd place: Serghei Alekseev, Russia
Honorary mentions: Daniil Naberejni, Russia; Waldemar Jundo, Poland


1st place: Paweł Tadejko, Poland
2nd place: Viacheslav Vorobiev, Ukraine
3rd place: Marina Stancevic, Serbia
Honorary mention: Mădălina Cimpoeru, Romania


1st place: Margerita Ivleva, Russia
2nd place: Alexandr Kolesnik, Russia
3rd place: Tatiana Rutkovskaya, Russia
Honorary mentions: Margarita Tolmacheva, Russia; Igor Matveev, Belarus; Pavlos Antonatos, Greece

From Archive

1st place: Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic, Serbia
2nd place: Gheorghiță Epureanu, Romania
3rd place: Aleksa Stojković, Serbia
Honorary mention: George Baladakis, Greece


1st place: Gali Tibbon, Israel
2nd place: Svetlana Tarasova, Russia
3rd place: Andrei Shapran, Russia
Honorary mention: Margerita Ivleva, Russia

Best Young Photographer

Philipp Kharhenko, Russia

The contest was organized by the Orthodox photography website OrthPhoto.net and was open to both amateur and professional photographers. All the results are published on the OrthPhoto Awards website.

Photo credit: Facebook / OrthPhoto.net (Gheorghiță Epureanu, Romania)

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