New monastery in honour of Romanian heroes to be built at Țiganca, Rep. of Moldova

A new monastery in honour of the Romanian heroes who sacrificed their lives during the Second World War will be built in Țiganca, the Republic of Moldova.

Several associations from Romania and the Republic of Moldova launched a fundraising campaign to help the monastery’s construction.

“There are places where history was written in blood. There are places where freedom took the form of the supreme sacrifice… Some places call us to remembrance and salvation… Such a place is Tiganca Hill on the bank of the Prut River, where the earth still keeps traces of shells that bit the crops in the hot summer of 1941, and in the night, you can still hear the moans of those who lost their lives in one of the fiercest battles for Bessarabia.”

“After decades of silence, the earth has revealed the bleached bones, in a last gesture of calling to memory: whoever does not honour their heroes has no future! After several steps, the Romanian State has arranged here a military cemetery, with 1200 crosses erected in honour of the Romanian soldiers and officers who sacrificed themselves for the liberation of Bessarabia,” TVR Moldova reports.

Historians consider the battle of Ţiganca in July 1941 to be the bloodiest battle fought by Romanians to reunify the country’s borders. The losses of the Romanian army amounted to 4,271 dead, 12,326 wounded, and 6,168 missing.

The Monastery of the Romanian Heroes at Ţiganca, Republic of Moldova, will be dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord.

Those who want to support the construction works can donate to the following accounts:

Beneficiary: Romanian Heroes Monastery of The Ascension of the Lord

Fiscal code: 1016620006909

BC Moldova Agroindbank S.A., Cantemir branch

Code AGRNMD2X712

MDL Account (IBAN Code) – MD16AG000000022514123505

RON Account (IBAN Code) – MD59AG000000022514123507

Photography courtesy of TVR Moldova

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