New draft law in Romania raises awareness about violence against Christians

MP Daniel Gheorghe has submitted a draft law to parliament that declares August 16 an official Remembrance Day of the Holy Brancoveanu Martyrs and a National Day of Awareness of Violence against Christians.

If the draft law will be approved by the Parliament, the following buildings will be illuminated in red on August 16, between 20.00 and 24.00: the Romanian Parliament, the Government of Romania, the central and local public authorities, the Arc de Triomphe and the Mogosoaia Palace.

The bill says that public events and religious services will take place on August 16 to mark the martyrdom of the Holy Brancoveanu Martyrs.

The purpose of this draft legislation is to emphasize “the importance of raising awareness in the Romanian society of the intolerable persecutions that Christians face throughout the world in the context of the role played by the Brâncoveanu Saints in the history of the Romanian nation.”

The draft bill was submitted to the Senate on July 1, 2019.

The righteous and loving Christ ruling prince of Wallachia, Constantine Brâncoveanu, died on his 60th birthday in Constantinople together with his four sons and his counsellor.

The martyrdom took place on August 15, 1714.

In 1720, St Constantine Brancoveanu’s relics were brought to Wallachia and entombed at St George the New Church in Bucharest, one of the Saint’s foundations.

The Holy Brancoveanu Martyrs are commemorated by several local Orthodox Churches on August 16.


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