National Poet Mihai Eminescu prayerfully commemorated at Bellu Cemetery

Romania’s National Poet Mihai Eminescu was prayerfully commemorated during the Divine Liturgy celebrated on Monday at the Bellu Cemetery Chapel in Bucharest on his 168th birth anniversary.

Mihai Eminescu, born on January 15, 1850 in the village of Ipotesti, near Botosani, in North-Eastern Romania, is considered Romania’s greatest poet. He was also a novelist and an important journalist of his time. To honor his memory, Romania celebrates the National Culture Day on January 15.

An assembly of Orthodox priests officiated a memorial service for the poet at his tomb, in the presence of many believers who came to pay tribute to one of Romania’s greatest personalities.

‘Mihai Eminescu was close to the Church because he understood that the Romanian nation can find its ideal in the Church. Observing his example, we should realize that it is necessary to return to true values: the love of God, of nation and of the country,’ Rev. Costinel Ailioaiei reported.

‘People love Eminescu because he embodies the soul of the Romanian people,’ the priest said Jan. 15.

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