Museum of Communist Horrors to be set up at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest

A museum that will show the crimes, abuses and tortures experienced by the Romanian people during Communism (1945-1989) is to be set up at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest.

President Klaus Iohannis promulgated on July 25 the law on setting up this museum, which is called the Museum of Communist Horrors in Romania (Muzeul Ororilor Comunismului in Romania).

The museum’s main aim is to collect, study, preserve and exhibit the pieces that make up its heritage, according to the law. Its activity is financed from the state budget through the Ministry of Culture, but also from the museum’s own income from specific activities, donations and sponsorships.

The law also says that this museum will be the central piece of a larger project called the “Communist Trail,” local Digi24 reported.

Specifically, in Bucharest, people will be able to visit this Museum of Communist Horrors but also other buildings of historical significance. Moreover, at national level, the route will include a number of buildings where Communist institutions or prisons functioned.

Photo courtesy of Omofon

Translated by Romania Insider

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