Metropolitan Teofan hopes 2021 will be “a time of more courage, more closeness to God”

In his New Year’s message, Metropolitan Teofan of Moldavia and Bukovina urged everyone to be closer to God. He urged more hope that God would not leave us and that the Mother of God would not forsake us.

“Holy joy, a blessed end of the year, and the coming year to be a time of more courage, more closeness to God, more understanding of one’s own weakness and that of others,” said Metropolitan Teofan in a video message posted by Doxologia.

“May God grant us the power to live the days of the following year, good or bad days, to be lived by ourselves, by the Church, by the family, by our parish, by our monastery, by the country, by the world, with more determination in the truth that God does not leave us, that the Mother of God does not forsake us.”

“The prayers of the saints are our shield.”

“It is necessary for us and in the days to come to be closer to each other, to take care of our own health, because it is priceless and important. Our own health and the protection of those around us.”

“And we hope in the mercy of the Lord, that as He helped us and here we are at the celebration of Christmas, at the end of 2020, we will have the strength to overcome the waves and winds that will be in 2021 and maybe we will also enjoy moments of health, comfort, joy and peace.”

“Either way, may the name of the Lord be blessed today and tomorrow and forever and ever,” the Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina said wishing everyone “happy, beautiful holidays with good health and a Happy New Year.”

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