Metropolitan Petru meets Moldovan President Maia Sandu

His Eminence Petru, Archbishop of Chisinau, Metropolitan of Bessarabia and Exarch of the Territories, met on Wednesday with Her Excellency Maia Sandu, President of the Republic of Moldova, at the Presidential Palace in Chisinau.

During the discussions, Metropolitan Petru pointed to the Metropolis of Bessarabia’s religious, social, humanitarian, and cultural activities, emphasising the Church’s relevance in the everyday lives of the faithful.

The contemporary challenges of the Metropolis of Bessarabia and the position of the parishes in the Archdiocese of Chisinau were underlined by Archdeacon Maxim Sturza, an advisor for the Metropolis’ contacts with state institutions.

The President of the Republic of Moldova congratulated Metropolitan Petru and all the faithful on the 30th anniversary of the Romanian Patriarchate’s reactivation of the Metropolis of Bessarabia.

President Maia Sandu expressed her gratitude for the community created by the Metropolis of Bessarabia around the ideals of faith, patriotism, and service to one’s neighbour.

Finally, Metropolitan Petru bestowed the Jubilee Order of Metropolitan Gurie Grosu on President Maia Sandu.

Photography courtesy of the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova

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