MEP Traian Ungureanu meets with religion journalists from Romania

Traian Ungureanu, MEP for Romania, met with a group of twenty religion journalists from Romania at the European Parliament in Brussels on Friday, March 8, 2019.

Mr. Ungureanu spoke about the efforts made by Romania’s representatives to defend the country’s interests in the European institutions.

Traian Ungureanu pointed to the importance of understanding the benefits of Romania’s membership in the European Union.

He said that although sometimes the efforts made by the MEPs are huge, additional solutions must always be identified to defend national interests and values.

MEP Ungureanu referred to the upcoming election for the EP, in May 2019, and shared his views on the challenges that the European Union faces today.

The Romanian journalists had the chance to talk with Delphine Colard, press officer at the EP Spokesperson’s Unit, about disinformation and fake news.

In addition, Cristina Bogdan, an editor at the Web Communication Unit of the DG for Communication, held a seminar on the European institutions and their way of operation.

She explained the way the European Parliament relates to the press and the public.

On Friday, the Romanian journalists visited the European Parliament Hemicycle, where plenary sessions are held.

Romanian journalists in Belgium

Twenty journalists, representing media outlets of the Romanian Orthodox Church, paid a three-day visit to Brussels and Antwerp on March 6-8, 2019.

Members of the Basilica Media Centre of the Romanian Patriarchate included Dn Gheorghe Anghel, Fr. Cornel Enache, Aurelian Iftimiu, Sorin Ionite, Archdeacon Ionut Mavrichi, Fr. Mihai Miron, Daniel Moraras, Sebastian Pana, Augustin Paunoiu, Victor Stoica, and Gabriela Zamora.

The group also included nine other journalists from the main diocesan centres in Romania: Irina Arieșan, Ștefan Chivulescu, Alexandru Dădîrlat, Lucian Ducan, Adrian Lazăr, Fr. Zaharia Pereș, Fr. Emanuel Tăvală, Fr. Bogdan Țifrea and Archdeacon Dan Văscu.

The group of religion journalists visiting the European Parliament. Photo:

This visit was made possible with the help of the Representation of the Romanian Orthodox Church to the European Institutions and the support of MEP Traian Ungureanu.

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