March declared Month “For life, for parents, for children” in Romania and Republic of Moldova

Hundreds of pro-life events will be held throughout Romania and Republic of Moldova this March, culminating in the March for Life to be held on March 28.

March has been declared a month “For life, for parents, for children,” according to the Romania for Life organization.

Events will be held at more than 900 localities in both countries. The March for Life in Bucharest is being organized by Romania for Life in partnership with Students for Life, while local events are being organized independently.

“There are 1001+ pro-life activities that can be organized in larger, smaller or very small communities, through an institution or a group of friends, and that can develop the pro-life culture in these communities. If there are individuals, organizations or institutions that want to organize such activities within the Month for Life … we will support them with ideas and materials,” commented Alexandra Nadane, President of Romania for Life.

“We all want to live in a pro-life community, a pro-life society, a world that really supports children, pregnant women, parents and families. That’s why it’s very important to come to the March for Life and to invite colleagues, friends and acquaintances,” Nadane told the Basilica News Agency.

The March for Life is the largest pro-life event in Romania and Republic of Moldova. It took place in 667 settlements last year.

Dozens of pro-life organizations have been born from this social movement, daily providing information and support for women in crisis pregnancies, and children, whether born or unborn, and many lives have been saved.

The March for Life is non-denominational and non-political. It focuses more on changing hearts towards pregnant women and unborn children than on outlawing abortion.

Thousands of Orthodox hierarchs, clergy, monastics, and faithful took part in the March for Life in Washington, D.C. on Friday, January 24, standing up for the rights of defenseless children.

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