Lower Danube Archdiocese helps 100+ flood victim families

A broad missionary and philanthropic activity was organized by and with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Casian of the Lower Danube Archdiocese of the Romanian Orthodox Church on Tuesday to aid more than 100 families that have suffered from the recent flooding that has struck many localities in Romania.

On that day, 132 families from Corod, a commune in Galați County composed of the villages of Blânzi, Brătulești, Cărăpcești, and Corod received packages of hygiene products, including laundry and dishwashing detergent, soap, bleach, rubbing alcohol, towels, and buckets, reports the archdiocesan press service.

The packages come as a complement to the aid offered previously by the priests of Tecuci and Covurlui in the Lower Danube Diocese that included food and other basic essentials (water, bread, sugar, flour, pasta, dairy products) and cleaning and sanitation products (detergent, bleach, disinfectants, chlorine, brooms, gloves, buckets, etc.).

A priest from Tecuci together with four priests from Corod worked with 10 volunteers to distribute the aid to those in need and discern what can be done further to help relieve their suffering.

The faithful rejoiced and thanked the priests and volunteers for the aid they distributed. The total value of the products distributed thus far is $5,020 (21,000 lei).

The Archdiocese of the Lower Danube has pledged to continue supporting the suffering families.

The Archdiocese of Bucharest has also allocated $5,650 (24,000 lei) to provide food and drinking water for the victims, and to help pay for the funeral of three children from a family from the village of Sângeru whose house was completely destroyed in the flooding.

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Photo: Archdiocese of Lower Danube

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