June 1 – Children’s Day

Children’s Day is a national holiday celebrated in Romania and it is held on June 1 every year.

Children’s Day is not just an event in Romania, it is also celebrated in many different countries and is an official UN global observance.

Children’s Day is an international celebration intended to bring nations together to promote child welfare, informs independent.co.uk.

The first country to declare a national holiday for its youngsters was Turkey, which did so on 23 April 1929.

The United Nations (UN) formally inaugurated Children’s Day as an international event in 1954, the celebration subsequently becoming associated with the UN’s Declaration of the Rights of the Child five years later and marked on the date of that legislation’s adoption thereafter, 20 November.

The Declaration is so important because it set in stone a key universal value for the first time, stating unequivocally that “mankind owes to the child the best it has to give.”

The day’s stated aim is to encourage “worldwide fraternity and understanding between children” and invite pre-teens to think about their place in the world and consider what issues they think are important and how society might seek to address them.

Photography courtesy of Basilica.ro

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