Inter-religious Council of Albania asks for property restitution by the Albanian State

On Friday, the Inter-religious Council of Albania conducted a meeting between religious leaders, to discuss, among other things, the issue of the return of religious property by the Albanian State, Romfea News reports.

The meeting was attended by Archbishop Anastasios of the Orthodox Church of Albania, who is also the president of the Council, the Head of the Muslim Community of Albania Bujar Spahi, the Primate of the Conference of the Catholic Bishops George Frendo, the world leader (Kryegjysh) of the Bektashi Order Edmond Brahimaj and the President of the Evangelical Alliance Albania, pastor Ylli Doçi.

Except from the procedural issues and the assessment of the last six months (October 2018-April 2019), one of the issues that was discussed by the Inter-religious Council is the fact that the Albanian State has not yet returned the property, including places of worship, sacred objects and archival footage that were seized during Hoxha regime.

The Council also discussed the preparation of the proposals and the recommendations during the Meeting of the Religions for Peace International, which shall take place on August 2019, in Germany.

Moreover, the establishment of female and youth departments was approved.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the contribution of the Inter-religious Council of Albania to the peaceful coexistence of the peoples is invaluable as Archbishop Anastasios always advocates a context of love and mutual understanding.

Photo courtesy of Romfea News

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