Huși Bishop Ignatie: Simona Halep means faith in God, perseverance, love of family and country

Romanian tennis star Simona Halep won the Wimbledon 2019 final and gained her second Grand Slam title, after the Roland Garros 2018. In the final, on July 13, Halep defeated former world number one and multiple Grand Slam title winner Serena Williams in two sets: 6-2, 6-2.

His Grace Bishop Ignatie of Huși, the only Romanian Orthodox Bishop on Instagram, wrote a congratulatory message following the victory at Wimbledon.

‘Simona Halep means faith in God, diligence, perseverance, inspiration, love of family and country. Thus, everything what Romania has more beautiful and wonderful. Simona, we are proud of you. God bless you,’ the message reads.

Simona Halep is an Orthodox Christian and has always made the sign of the holy cross following every game, thus thanking God for the divine help.

Last year, Simona Halep was bestowed the highest distinction of the Tomis Archdiocese.

During the award ceremony, Simona said ‘I always cross myself and I believe in God because without God’s help we cannot do anything.’

Simona will meet Patriarch Daniel on Thursday, July 18, 2019, at the Patriarchal Residence in Bucharest when she will receive the Patriarchal Cross, the highest distinction of the Romanian Patriarchate.

Photography courtesy of Wimbledon

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