How to react when people call us “relic-kissers”: Make them draw closer, that they may see our lifestyle and discover God

“Even if some slander us, gossip about us and make fun of us about our faith, calling us retrogrades, with a medieval mentality, relic-kissers, ignorant, we have a duty to make them draw closer, that they may see our lifestyle, to have the impetus to discover God,” Bishop Ignatie said during the Vespers service for the patronal feast of the Cathedral of Huşi.

In his homily on Monday, June 28, the Bishop of Huşi exemplified the attitude that Christians must have in a world disturbed in terms of value, a world that wants to turn its back on God, to turn its back on love.

His Grace recalled that the early Christians lived in a world where they were a minority, so that the pagans, who were a majority, marvelled at their consistency, seriousness, and responsibility of assuming faith in the risen and crucified Jesus Christ.

The pagans said, “Look at the way Christians live!” This should be the actual sermon, the Bishop of Husi pointed out.

Bishop Ignatie referred to the words of Elder Cleopas, who said that “deeds are our most wonderful sermon.”

“Each of us met people we heard were reluctant about the faith, the Church, maybe they even made fun of it in some places. By meeting us, seeing us, discovering us, being sincere, natural, confessing our faith without shame, those people will have, after that meeting, a change of perspective in terms of faith. It is a small work that Christ does in those who meet us – those who want to truly live in the values of the gospel.”

Bishop Ignatie said that in a world that needs to understand faith, we must be the ones who understand its meaning.

“Unfortunately, even we, those who have a certain frequency in participating in church services, have not been able to give an intelligent, authentic testimony, which can move and overturn some inertia in the souls of those who are far from the Church. They can be far from faith for various reasons, some personal, disappointments, the unworthiness of servants or simply bad will.”

“No matter what situation we are in, we who belong to Christ (Christ has no followers but disciples) are called to bear witness. Let us examine ourselves if we are in the faith if we know and have the inner conviction that we are Christ’s and that we belong to Him.”

The Cathedral of Huşi is dedicated to the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.

Photography courtesy of Doxologia Files

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