Holy Synod urges more prayer during Nativity Fast: It brings peace to our souls and world

In a pastoral letter for the first Sunday of the Nativity Fast, the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church stressed that the multiplication of prayer is necessary.

The Romanian hierarchs emphasised that despite the world’s current crisis, prayer has intensified in the life of the Church and the faithful.

The Synodal fathers explained that prayer is “a source of joy and spiritual strength, a source of peace and love for God and our fellow human beings; it is the spiritual breath of the soul.”

“Therefore, when we lose the joy and peace of soul, it is a sure sign that we are no longer praying properly or as much as we should.”

If we persistently call upon the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer, saying, “Lord, save us!” or “Lord, deliver us!” He, by His grace, comes to our hearts, enlightens and strengthens us, the pastoral letter reads.

“In the context of the crisis through which the contemporary world is passing, the multiplication of prayer is necessary. Therefore, we pray for peace between peoples, an end to war and the spiritual strengthening of those who suffer because of it.”

Romanian hierarchs also encourage clergy and believers to conduct fundraising efforts for people in need at the start of the Nativity Fast.

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