Holy Synod elects assistant bishop to Deva Diocese

During its working session on Thursday, the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church elected an assistant bishop for the Diocese of Deva and Hunedoara.

Assistant bishop-elect Nestor Dinculeană, who until now was a vicar at the Diocese of Deva, will bear the title of His Grace Bishop Nestor of Hunedoara.

Archimandrite Gherontie Ciupe, Diocesan Counselor at the Pastoral-Liturgical Sector of the Diocese of Deva and Hunedoara, also ran for the same position.

The new Assistant Bishop was born on June 11, 1983, in Craiova, Dolj County. Between 2003-2007 he studied at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Craiova. In 2009 he graduated with a master’s degree from the same educational institution.


He attended doctoral courses, between 2011-2014, at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Alba Iulia. He obtained a scholarship in Padua-Italy in order to write his doctoral thesis (2012-2013). He obtained his doctorate in 2015.

In 2009 he was tonsured a monk and named Nestor. He was ordained a hieromonk in 2011 and elevated to the rank of archimandrite in 2014.

In 2013, for a period of half a year, he served as Pastoral-Liturgical Counselor of the Diocese of Deva and Hunedoara.

Between 2013-2018 he was Administrative Vicar – church, and since 2018 he holds the position of Administrative Vicar – diocesan.

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