Guidelines for parishes and monasteries to comply with preventive measures against the new coronavirus (Covid-19)

The Chancellery of the Holy Synod issued a document with protective measures against the new coronavirus (Covid-19) for all parishes and monasteries within the Romanian Patriarchate:

  1. Post visual alerts at the entrance of churches with recommendations by the Ministry of Health on preventing the spread of the new coronavirus Covid-19.
  2. Consult with competent medical professionals, where possible, to identify measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (e.g. guide persons suspected of flu to medical units; disinfect doors and properly ventilate the places of worship).
  3. Provide an area for hand hygiene, with cleaning products (water, soap, disinfectants, etc.) in the proximity of the places of worship.
  4. Respect the measures ordered by the public authorities and cooperate with them, while ensuring the religious freedom of the believers to participate in the liturgical life of the Church and to receive spiritual assistance in the church and at home.
  5. In order to avoid the crowding of believers in the worship space, use external loudspeakers during the Divine Liturgy or celebrate the Divine Liturgy outdoors near the place of worship.
  6. The places of worship will be open daily to the faithful throughout the week, so that the ministering priests may respond to all the requests of the believers regarding Confession, Communion and prayers. Thus, the crowding of believers will be avoided during weekend services.
  7. During church services, before the dismissal, read the special prayer for repentance, for deliverance from the current epidemic, for the recovery of the sick and for the spiritual strengthening of the medical staff and the persons contributing to the prevention and combating of the epidemic.

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