Greek Parliament awards Ecumenical Patriarch for his environmental work

The Greek Parliament and the Association of Constantinople awarded the Ecumenical Bartholomew for his multifaceted contribution to environmental protection, during a ceremony held at the Megaron Mousikis in Athens.

The ceremony took place in the ‘Christos Lambrakis’ hall in the presence of the President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr Prokopis Pavlopoulos, the political class as well as Church leaders among others, reporst

In the opening address the President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, said “it is with great joy that I am here at this event, which culminates in our three-day co-tour, two days in Crete, here today, in which the Parliament of Greece recognises in your person the invaluable contribution you make to the protection and care of the environment. Nobody can question the leading role you play on the issue of environmental protection, which goes beyond the borders of our country, the limits of Orthodoxy itself and it acquires all-human dimensions.”

During the event, the Ecumenical Patriarch was also declared lifetime honorary president of the Constantinopolitan Association in Athens.

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