Former FC Utrecht defender Mihai Nesu: ‘I want to belong to Christ’s team. Without God, you have nothing’

The former FC Utrecht football player Mihai Nesu, who suffered a neck injury in training which left him paralyzed, spoke about his life in an interview with The Sports Gazette saying, ‘I want to belong to Christ’s team. Without God, you have nothing in life.’

Asked how he can be so serene and smiling, Mihai Nesu said that ‘everything comes from man’s inner self, from his relationship with God.’

‘If man fails to return to God, it will be difficult for him in this troubled world. One can observe that I am paralyzed, but others have bigger problems that are invisible.’

The former FC Utrecht defender expressed his regret that until the age of 30 he did not approach God enough. ‘What are we doing with our life?’ Nesu asked rhetorically.

‘Life is like a college in which we learn as much as possible so that at its end we may be prepared for what is next. Because life does not stop here, to what we live on earth. The soul is immortal.’

‘I am sorry for having lost a long time until the age of 30. I should have drawn closer to God sooner,’ Mihai Nesu noted.

Questioned whether he misses something he had before the accident, Mihai Nesu categorically replied, ‘No!’

‘I live the best moment of my life now, at the age of 35. And God helps me often not to feel I’m paralyzed! There have been terrible moments, in which I received no consolation with all the medication in the world. It was impossible, since the greatest pain was in the soul.’

The Sports Journalists also wanted to know if he felt he no longer had control of the situation. The former international football player born in Oradea, Romania, said he looked for answers.

‘I stopped looking for answers from doctors, because science is limited. I had the chance to meet good priests, who prayed for me, I spoke to them, and they helped me with good counsel.’

‘I have to fight to put the advice into practice. My schedule is simple: I have to follow what the doctors gave me, body therapy, and what the priests gave me, soul therapy.’

He was further asked what his meaning in life is.

‘Not all can be bakers… I’m trying to help. My purpose… is one alone: All humans are struggling to become saints! When you are with God, you have the Creator’s support, you can give something to those around you.’

‘We have to accept what is happening to us and try to learn as much as possible in order to help other people,’ Mihai Nesu said.

Nesu stressed that the people who prayed for him helped a lot.

‘It is like having a group of friends. If your friends are mean, they will lead you to evil. If they are good, you will end up doing good things. I want to be part of Christ’s team, to do good things, to bring good things to my life and to others.’

Referring to his greatest personal achievement, Mihai Nesu reminded the foundation he established, and that he played for Steaua and Utrecht.

‘They all pass away. Everything is ephemeral. After all you consider God. He is able to give you a state to be happy even without having something material. Maybe you look like a fool, but you are certainly fulfilled inside, and this gives you strength to live.’

‘Only faith can offer you complete fulfilment. It depends on our training. Faith must be trained! The goal is to be an athlete for Christ,’ Nesu pointed out.

At the end of the interview, Nesu was asked if he fears death.

His answer was: ‘No, not at all! The fear of God must be the only fear in life. Football is a sport that helps the world a lot. If we received God more in this sport, through the models of players we promote, we would help even more,’ Nesu stressed.

In 2015, the former football player founded the Saint Nectarios Recovery Centre for Children with neuromotor disabilities in Oradea. The Centre is financially supported by the Mihai Nesu Foundation.


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