First Virtual Museum of Roma Holocaust in Romania, created by MNIR

The National Museum of History of Romania (MNIR) has announced the creation of the first Virtual Museum of the Roma Holocaust in Romania, according to a press release, AGERPRES reports.

The project’s main objective is that of making the historical past from the Holocaust period known, and the accomplishment of this virtual museum to be an essential source of information for the young Roma youth, historians, researchers, and students, as well as for the broad audience, the release adds.

According to the source, identification, selection, research, transcription, translation and digitization of documents and archival images are among the project’s activities. Furthermore, through the means of the survivors’ testimonies, the virtual museum will present the deportation of Roma in Transnistria during the Second World War.

The project is ongoing until November 15, 2022, and the website of the Virtual Museum of Roma Holocaust, which presents information in Romanian and English, will be launched at MNIR, on October 9, on the occasion of the National Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The virtual museum will be carried out by MNIR, in partnership with the “Ion Cioaba” Roma Cultural and Social Foundation, within the “Virtual Museum of Roma Holocaust”, initiated and coordinated by the foundation and co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN).

Starting with 2020, in Romania, August 2 is dedicated to the memory and reflection, being named through Law 124/2020 as the National Day for Commemorating Holocaust against the Roma, supporting the European Parliament initiative, which through the Resolution of April 15, 2015, decreed the day of August 2 as the European Day for Commemorating Holocaust against Roma.


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