Father Dan Damaschin receives highest church award for supporting mothers, children, families

Thanks to the tireless labours of Fr. Dan Damaschin, thousands of mothers in difficult situations and needy families and children have received material assistance, including new housing for many families.

On Wednesday, Fr. Dan, who serves at Cuza Vodă Maternity Church of the Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology in Iași, was honoured for his great love.

Following the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, His Eminence Metropolitan Teofan of Iași handed Fr. Dan the Patriarchal Cross, the highest distinction of the Romanian Patriarchate.

His Eminence emphasized that Fr. Dan does beautiful work based on the conviction that “nothing is holier in the world than human life, the value of the human being with all that it contains, the value placed by God on the human being, which man sometimes defends, sometimes betrays, and sometimes is indifferent about.”

Through the Voice of Life Association, Fr. Dan has supported thousands of people to whom he dedicates the Patriarchal Cross he received. “This distinction is addressed to the mission of our church and to these thousands of people who support us,” he said.

“It represents the thought of the faithful Romanian people everywhere, people who from all over the world support the work here in Iași.”

Fr. Dan thanked His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, Met. Teofan, all the volunteers he works with, and all those who support their efforts.

In 2019, Fr. Dan organized Paschal gifts for more than 4,000 children, and last year, three families with 19 children received homes for Pascha. Fifteen struggling families also received housing in time for Christmas last year.

Through the Houses of Hope project, Fr. Dan and Voice of Life have built, bought, or repaired 60 houses, including the House of Life, a complex of 24 studios for pregnant women at risk of abortion, and the House of 7 Mothers, where 27 children and 11 mothers who their families and society have abandoned are housed.

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