Engineer whose building rail-rolling system saved 12 churches from Ceausescu’s demolition spree dies aged 89

Engineer Eugeniu Iordăchescu, whose building relocation method rescued 12 churches that would have been otherwise slated for demolition by order of Nicolae Ceauşescu in the 80s, died on January 4 at the age of 89.

Eugeniu Iordachescu rescued the Nuns Hermitage (‘Schitul Maicilor’), the Olari Church, St. Elijah’s Church, ‘Mihai Voda’ Church and its bell tower, the Synodal Palace, St Anthimos Monastery, the ‘Petru Iacob’ Church in Resita, St. John’s Church, St. George’s Church, St. Stephen’s ‘Stork Nest’ Church, the monumental ensemble at the Lady Balasa Church, the church of the Ramet Monastery.

Eugeniu Iordachescu was born in Braila in 1929 and graduated from the Bucharest Institute of Civil Engineering. He held various positions in planning institutes, practiced as a teacher, and had three invention patents.

In 2016, Iordachescu was awarded the “Patriarchal Cross for Laypersons”, the highest distinction in the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The Assistant Bishop to the Bucharest Archdiocese presented Eng. Eugeniu Iordăchescu with the highest distinction in the Romanian Orthodox Church for Laypersons. Photo:

Photography courtesy of the Archive

Translated by Simona Klodnischi / Agerpres

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