Dan Puric: „Identity is a Mystery in the Hands of God”

The Archdiocese of Buzău and Vrancea has begun a project for youth entitled Orthodoxy and Leadership, through the Department for Education and Youth Activity, in the context of the Solemn year of the religious education of the Christian Orthodox Youth. Several personalities in various fields of activity were invited to speak to the audience in Buzău and Vrancea about the role of the religious education in the formation of a leader of today’s society – the official website of the Eparchy informs.

Friday night, 8 April 2016, the young people of Buzău met, in the Great Room of Buzau County Council, the artist and man of culture Dan Puric, actor at the National Theatre in Bucharest. Hundreds of high school pupils, students and young professionals, who take active part in the Religion classes and in the educational-catechetic activities of the local Church too, as well as fans of the well-known actor, overcrowded the room that hosted the lecture suggestively entitled Romanian Spirit.

The presentation of the great artist and introduction in the open and friendly atmosphere that he wanted to impose from the very beginning were done by rev. professor Cristian Marius Dima, eparchial counsellor at the Department for Education and Youth Activities.

Starting from the idea of personal and national identity, artist Dan Puric underlined, through concrete examples from the artistic world or from the daily life what the main elements which define the human being are, as a person created by God “in His image”, as well as the people one belongs to.

“Identity has two dimensions: the former one is in the identity card, with Personal Number Code, which is administrative, and the latter one, which is a mystery, is in the hands of God. Nae Ionescu said in “History of Logics” (1929) that the West wishes to conquer the universe, but the East does not, because it suffers with it. There are things known and unknown, but, in the course of time, the unknown ones become known due to the scientific progress. Yet, there are unknowable things, which you never know. That is the thought, the mystery. Gabriel Marcel, Christian French Orthodox philosopher affirmed that the West has problems, while the East has mysteries. The problem can be solved, but not the mystery. The answer of Paul Evdochimov is the following: it is not you who lives the mystery, but the mystery lives you”, Dan Puric explained.

Present at the event, His Eminence Ciprian, Archbishop of Buzău and Vrancea said at the end of the lecture: “the purpose of such meetings, in communion of faith in Christ, is just to realize what happens with us, with the Romanian people, during the hard times we are going through and especially to make us aware of what we must do to correct ourselves. During this event, Mr Dan Puric told you, in his characteristic style, a series of bitter truths, strewn with humour here and there, so that you, young people of all ages, should be aware of them and assume certain responsibilities. It is a sad and disquieting reality the fact that the being of the Romanian people is attacked from all parts in its holiest essence: the millennia old Orthodox faith and love for homeland, language and nation. This is why we should come to our senses as soon as possible and think authentically, Romanian and Christianly; everyone and all of us together must accomplish our moral duties towards God, Church and nation and do our best not to lose our national and Christian identity. The attacks coming both from abroad and from inside the country, concerted or accidental, are designed to determine the young people to forget their roots, history, language and faith, namely the defining elements of the national identity, which puts in question our very existence as a Romanian and Christian people. Or, our forerunners taught us to live in dignity, peace and good understanding, respecting and loving one another, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour”, His Eminence said.

Known both in the country and abroad for his famous shows, actor Dan Puric distinguishes himself both through his eloquence and his courage to give witness to the Orthodox faith in times hostiles to it, being invited to many talk shows or lectures to speak about the genuine Romanian values.

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