Consecration and Inauguration of the Social Cultural Centre of Saint Hierarch Nectarie from Egina

The social-cultural Centre of Saint Hierarch Nectarie from Egina, situated in the yard of Radu Voda Monastery of Bucharest was consecrated today, 24 October 2012, by His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel together with His Eminence Metropolitan Efrem. The members of the delegation of Greece, who brought the relics of Saint Hierarch Nectarie, healer of diseases, to Bucharest, His Eminence Calinic, Archbishop of Arges and Muscel, His Grace Macarie, Bishop of Northern Europe, and His Grace Varlaam Ploiesteanul participated in the religious service.

The new shrine in which the holy relics of Saint Hierarch Nectarie will be laid – already at Radu Voda Monastery – was consecrated today too.

To end with the event, the Patriarch of Romania emphasised the importance of the new centre built in the monastery yard.

“We thank and congratulate the abbot and all those who contributed to the consolidation, renovation and equipping of this building with new furniture and everything necessary for its operation as a centre. This monastery is a voievodal one so that it needed accommodation rooms for those who come here on pilgrimages and especially to certain symposiums and conferences. We congratulate you and hope that this is a new stage in the monastery life, namely that devotion and spirituality will be strengthened here in regard to Saint Nectarie, besides a developed worship and a more intense Christian culture. We must always unite the rite with a special Christian culture. It will be a special chance for the faithful to pray the relics of Saint Nectarie because this shrine recently made by care of His Grace Assistant Bishop Varsanufie Prahoveanul is very beautiful. It is a big shrine well made from an artistic point of view”, His Beatitude said, as Trinitas Radio station said.

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