Cluj Archdiocese gives food, accommodation for quarantined people

The four social canteens in the Archdiocese of Cluj can provide, upon request, free food for the elderly and the sick in self-isolation, the Archdiocese has announced. The Archdiocese is also ready to provide isolation spaces for those in need.

The quarantine facilities are at the “Ioan Bunea” social missionary center in Sângeorz Băi city, with a capacity of 70 places. If necessary, other 200 places are available at Parva Monastery and 70 more at Piatra Craiului Monastery in Cluj county.

Priests and parish communities will also support people in self-isolation, providing them with food and spiritual assistance.

The Archdiocese has invited private companies and organizations to donate for the food collection.

Priests are recommended to officiate religious services in conditions of safety for the faithful, to strictly follow hygiene norms and conform at all times with the requirements of the authorities. To avoid church crowding, the religious services will be held in open air, the Archdiocese has informed.

The social canteens involved are as following:

“St Archdeacon Stephen” Canteen 
Cluj-Napoca, 3 Aleea Moldoveanu St; tel: 0733070590
“Holy Trinity” Parish Canteen
Cluj-Napoca, 10 Bisericii Ortodoxe St; tel: 0723690203
“St Philothea” Canteen
Bistrița, 9 Unirii Square; tel: 0749404795
“Protopresbyter Aurel Munteanu” Foundation Canteen
Huedin, 23; tel: 0364800568; 0748191670

Photo courtesy of Radio Renașterea

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