Church bells to ring in Moldova for victims of stalinist deportations

Church bells will ring out in Moldova tomorrow in memory of the victims of the 1949 wave of Stalinist deportations.

July 6 was recently declared a national day of mourning in Moldova. State flags will be lowered to half-mast throughout the nation and a minute of silence will be observed at 10:00 AM.

At the same time, memorial services for the victims of Stalinist deportations and repressions will be celebrated in the parishes of the Metropolis of Bessarabia of the Romanian Orthodox Church, with the ringing of the church bells.

Valentina Sturza, president of the Association of Former Deportees and Political Prisoners, says that the number of deportees from Moldova exceeds 94,7000. Of these, there are 7,680 former deportees alive in Moldova today.

There were three documented waves of Stalinist deportations: June 1941, July 1949, and April 1951.

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Photo Credit: Metropolitanate of Bessarabia

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