Bishop Visarion of Tulcea calls for prayer and good deeds in Nativity Fast message

His Grace Bishop Visarion of Tulcea is calling on the faithful to pray and perform good deeds during the Nativity Fast.

In this year’s Nativity Fast message, the Orthodox Bishop of Tulcea invites believers to unite the liturgical life with Christian philanthropy, thus demonstrating to be brothers and sisters in Christ.

‘The Church urges us to fast, to pray, but especially to unite our Liturgy with Christian philanthropy, with good deeds, particularly towards those in distress, in trials and sufferings, to show that we are all brothers and sisters and that we confess with a heart and a mouth the same Lord, God and Saviour our Lord Jesus Christ.’

The video message was published on Facebook on Nov. 15 to mark the beginning of the 40-day Nativity Fast.

His Grace recommended to spend this season in fast, prayer and good deeds, to confess our sins and receive the Holy Communion so that in the end “our heart may become a welcoming manger for our Saviour Christ to come, to be born, to grow up and save us.”

In conclusion, Bishop Visarion wished everyone “a holy and blessed fasting season, and that the Feasts of the Nativity of our Lord pour into our souls peace, blessing and help from the Holy Lord!”

Photography courtesy of the Diocese of Tulcea

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