marks 1st anniversary of weekly news in pictures project

For more than a year, the photographers have been refreshing your newsfeed at the beginning of each week with a selection of pictures from all over the Orthodox world.

The project began in July 2018 and aimed to present the most interesting photographs in the Orthodox world covering a variety of topics, from church holidays to social, cultural events and spiritual life.

Following the example of the most relevant news agencies, offers you “The Week in Pictures“, including quality photos taken at recent events throughout the world to highlight the beauty and the significance of Orthodoxy today.

The soon-to-be-published August issue of The Good to Know online Magazine will include the best of the best photos from our Weeks in Pictures.

The Week in Pictures started as an Instagram story project, and then it took over our website and all the other social networks where the Basilica News Agency is present.

With the passing of the twelve months of the news in pictures, the interest of our followers for this type of articles has increased.

According to Google Analytics, our readers enjoyed the most the April 30 – May 5, 2019 article.

Our Instagram followers seem to have loved our selection of pictures from August 5-11, 2019.

The Week in Pictures is available in Romanian and English on our website.

Please feel free to share with us your opinion on this project by writing a few lines in the comments box below the article or by emailing us at info [at]


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