Banat Metropolitan urges fervent prayers for peaceful times during Dormition Fast

Metropolitan Ioan of Banat addressed a message to the clergy and faithful for the Dormition Fast, urging more prayer, reflection and acts of charity.

“During these two weeks of fasting, we fatherly urge all our brothers and sisters in the monastic order, the priests and the faithful of our archdiocese, to get closer to God, under the guidance of the Mother of Light, and to offer fervent prayers for peaceful times, for the increase of love between people, for rain in good time and for the Lord God to pour out all His bountiful gifts upon us,” Metropolitan Ioan’s message reads.

The Metropolitan of Banat advised the servants of the holy altars to officiate the Akathist Hymn and the Supplicatory Canon of the Most Holy Theotokos every evening of the Dormition Fast.
“Let us use these blessed days to help those in need, strangers and orphans, widows and elderly, lonely and sick believers,” Metropolitan Ioan recommended.

“Let’s not forget, beloved brothers and sisters in the Lord, that fasting is not only limited to abstaining from food. Fasting is also giving up passions and, above all, fasting has the purpose of cultivating the nobility of the soul, transforming man into a self-giving being, loving God and neighbour,” His Eminence noted.

Photo: Metropolis of Banat

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