Avrig Orthodox Parish joins greening activity, collects 32 tons of waste

The faithful of “The Lord’s Entry into Jerusalem” Orthodox Parish in the city of Avrig participated in a greening activity carried out in the vicinity of the locality on March 27, 2021.

Under the motto “Let’s clean our souls, but also around us!” the parish community led by priest Ovidiu Stroe helped the municipality with spring cleaning.

“The volunteers of our parish, together with the other volunteers, collected over 32 tons of waste in an attempt to make the area where we live more beautiful. From our parish, the children participating in the activity received sweets, and the other volunteers received diplomas as a sign of gratitude for the effort made for a community cause,” Fr. Ovidiu Stroe said.

The activity was organized by Avrig City Hall, together with other partners, and aimed to green the areas adjacent to the city. Avrig City Hall’s campaign was titled “Let’s Make Avrig Clean Together!”

Photography courtesy of the Metropolis of Transylvania

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