Archbishop of Athens: Let’s turn our homes into churches

On the day of the Third Salutations to the Theotokos, Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens asked the faithful to turn every house into a church.

The Archbishop, stating that the right decisions have been made by the Hierarchy and the State, urged again the faithful to abide by the self-protection measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and sent a special message to healthcare professionals battling at the hospitals, and to the researchers looking for a treatment.

“Our Church is next to you. With you, by your side. She loves all of you and prays for you all.

We, all the faithful, can turn our homes into churches and pray, uniting our hearts by asking for the immense grace and mercy of God on mankind. Let us feel tonight too, and every day, how we stand together praying to Panagia; for everyone, patients and doctors; for all of us who have been deprived of the communion of the saints in the eucharistic community. Let’s shed tears in front of her icon and beg her for her intercession to her Son,” Archbishop Ieronymos noted.

He also invited the faithful to “turn every house into a small church. Because we love God even when we cannot meet Him in His house. Because we love our neighbor. God is everywhere. We meet him everywhere with our prayer.

So, I speak to you as your spiritual father and please keep that in mind. Soon every ordeal will pass. We act responsibly because we love, not because fear knocks at our door. We are looking forward, praying, to Easter. It will come! It won’t be long. And then the whole Creation will shine in the light of Resurrection, joy, hope. Take courage, my brothers, my dear children! The Lord is with you.”

A prayer corner

A similar call was issued by the Chancellery of the Holy Synod of The Romanian Orthodox Church:

Since lay believers cannot physically participate in church services, they are urged to organize in their own homes a prayer corner with icons, Holy Scripture (Bible), prayer lamp or candle, prayer books and spiritual readings, observing the spiritual rule established together with their spiritual father.

Photo courtesy of Orthodox Times

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