Archbishop Ieronymos visits 8-year-old Alexia at the hospital

Archbishop Ieronymos was found on Thursday at Aglaia Kyriakou Hospital to support and give courage to the 8-year-old’s parents, who was hit by a bullet and is now fighting for her life.

The Archbishop was also informed about the 8-year-old’s health status, Romfea News reports.

“We talked to the doctors, and for the first time it seems there is a glimmer of hope. They think that if there is more improvement, we will have made a progress,” the Archbishop said.

An 8-year-old girl is in critical condition after she underwent surgery at Aglaia Kyriakou Children’s Hospital in Athens after she was hit by a stray bullet in Thespies village near Thebes on Easter Sunday afternoon.

According to police, the incident took place at approximately 16:30 on Easter Sunday. She was playing with friends in the yard of her home and her parents were present as well.

She fell down to the ground suddenly, and her relatives saw upon reaching her that she was bleeding from the right side of her head, The Times reports.

The eight-year-old was taken to Chalkida Hospital, where doctors saw that she had sustained a bullet wound. They advised the girl’s parents to take her to the hospital in Athens to be operated on due to the seriousness of the wound.

According to multiple testimonies, there were no shots heard at the time the girl was wounded, but people were celebrating Easter with firecrackers in a nearby house.  It appears that someone fired a gun into the air, and the bullet ricocheted and hit the girl.

Foto credit: Romfea

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