A New Edition of the Holy Gospel

A new edition, small size, of the Holy Gospel, with illustrations, has been published by the Bible and Orthodox Mission Institute.

The present edition is an editorial premiere, shows the preface signed by His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, because the evangelical text is reflected in beautiful icons made at Panselinos workshop of church painting of Iași.

The encounter between text and painted image points out the deep relationship between word and church icon in the preaching of the Gospel by the Orthodox Church.

Just like the previous edition published in 2010, the present “Holy Gospel” follows the text of the latest edition of the Holy Scripture (2008) enriched with the texts of the Gospels dedicated to the Romanian Saints with religious service approved by the Holy Synod.

The synaxes published in the end has been also updated including all the Romanian saints.

This new edition can be purchased at the Religious Book-shop near the Patriarchate Palace, 6 Intrarea Miron Cristea St., at Ortodoxia” shop of Bucharest, close to Kretzulescu church in 45 Calea Victoriei St., or at the shops of religious books of the Patriarchate from all over the country.

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