95% of the Romanians believe in God, survey reveals

About 95% of the Romanian citizens believe in God, but only 21% go to church every week, says a survey on the religious belief in Romania, conducted by Friedrich Ebert Romania Foundation, cited by Agerpres.

According to the same study, 27% of the Romanians say the referendum to re-define the family concept is necessary.

The results show that there is a “significant difference” in Romania between the affirmation of faith and the actual religious activity.

“Thus, although there is an active strong religious minority, it has a rather diminished role for most part of the society, as declared faith is not converted to concrete social and political actions,” says the survey.

If 95% of the Romanians say they believe in God, 89% of them consider themselves religious, while 33% are “religious practitioners”. 44% say they are praying on a daily basis.

79% of the respondents agree the statement that “you need to believe in God in order to be moral and to have correct values”, and 67% agree that “homosexuality must be discouraged by the society”.

However, 27% consider the family referendum as necessary. The referendum is set to re-define marriage, as being exclusively allowed between a man and a woman.

The infographic on religious belief in Romania was launched in the context of the referendum on the constitutional definition of the family, and the sources of data used in the infographic are the study “Religious Belief and National Belonging in Central and Eastern Europe” (Pew Research Center), CURS and Cult Research surveys from the past eight months, and the 2011 national census.

Photography: Basilica.ro

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