20,500 Euros and the icon of the Mother of God “Protectress of the Unborn” for St Helen Pregnancy Helpcenter

The campaign to fund a new pregnancy crisis helpcenter in Bucharest has almost reached its target last week, raising 96.5% of the 20,500 Euros needed for the center to be set up and operate for two months. In addition to money, a donor offered a copy of the icon of the Mother of God “Protectress of the Unborn”.

This is the largest amount ever publicly raised from private individuals for a pregnancy crisis center. The campaign continues until it reaches its target.

Campaign coordinator Alexandra Nadane reflected: “What unites these people? I received the answer to this question today when someone donated this special icon of the Mother of God ‘Protectress of the Unborn’ to the St. Helen Center: the desire to be the outstretched hands of God’s love for women in crisis pregnancies and for their children.”

The gifted icon was painted by an Orthodox Christian in the U.S. who felt that the Mother of God helps them in the fight for the defense of the gift of life and for the good of women. It emphasizes that the Mother of God is a spiritual mother for all people, born and unborn.

The center, located near Bucharest’s Hurmuzachi Sq, was named in honor of St. Helen, “who gave birth to and raised a man who changed the face of the world, the holy Emperor Constantine.”

This fundraising initiative belongs to Alexandra Nadane, coordinator of “St Alexandra the Empress” Center, which is currently overwhelmed by pregnancy crisis help requests and it has already taken 43% more cases than its maximum capacity.

The St. Helen Center will provide short-term support before birth and in the first months after birth. It should be able to provide psychological and material help to about 1,500 women every year. The center will be inaugurated on August 16, on Holy Prince Constantine Brâncoveanu and his sons’ feast, Romanian martyrs for faith and patrons of the pro-life cause in Romania.

Photo: Centrul Alexandra

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