2019 – Year in pictures: This is how The Good to Know was seen on Basilica.ro

At the Basilica News Agency, we strongly believe that good and beauty can change the world, as Dostoevsky said. Hence our motto, “The Good to Know.”

Of the thousands of frames captured in 2019, the Basilica photojournalists have chosen 22 special pictures that highlight the beauty of Romanian spirituality.

If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. (Mattew 6:22). We hope to shed some light on what is good in 2020, but let’s see what images we are left from 2019.

“Pro-life” is the natural stance of the Church, from young to senior. Even a child understands this. This frame was captured during the March for Life in Bucharest. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene
The village is the origin of “eternity”, according to Lucian Blaga. This is what this kneeling old woman with a young soul conveys at the “Oborul Vechi” Church in Bucharest. © Basilica.ro / Mircea Florescu
We remain in the village with this image from Botosana, Suceava county. In 2019, the Romanian Patriarchate honoured the Romanian village, as well as priests, teachers and diligent mayors in rural areas. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene
At the Holy Archangels – Huedin Church in Bucharest Orthodoxy was seen once again as joy. © Basilica.ro / Mircea Florescu
At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”
He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them (Matthew 18: 1-2). This photo was taken during the Sunday of Orthodoxy procession. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene
You can almost feel the peace this pilgrim instills in you. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene
Speaking about peace, we cannot ignore Pasarea Monastery, a place of transfiguring silence. © Basilica.ro / Mircea Florescu
We go to another oasis of peace, admiring this picture of a nun praying at Samurcășești Monastery. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene
Flowers and kind labour is what this woman offers Saint Demetrius the New, during the largest annual pilgrimage in the Capital. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene
2019 was a fruitful year as regards photography, on the feast of Saint Demetrios. This child is delighted to receive antidoron from the priest. © Basilica.ro / Mircea Florescu
Monasticism always has an immense photographic potential. On the Basilica News Agency’s website you can see a photo report from a monastic tonsure at Chiajna Monastery. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene
Lives devoted to the Lord. This photo was taken in March at Țigănești monastery. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene
Simple joys make life more beautiful. In this picture, Mother Marina from the Iezer Skete in Valcea holds a cat. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene
Archimandrite Chiril Lovin elevates the cross during a Divine Liturgy at Darvari Skete in Bucharest. © Basilica.ro / Mircea Florescu
Sometimes the true beauty of the holidays can be seen in the quietness of evening services. Here’s a still from the procession with the relics of the Three Holy Hierarchs at the Patriarchal Cathedral. © Basilica.ro / Mircea Florescu
The young people from Maramures did not leave their International Youth Meeting until they took a picture with the Patriarch of Romania. This was one of the most appreciated photos on social networks. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene
Several generations of Christians in a single frame at Putna Monastery. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene
Believers are the joy of our Church, says Patriarch Daniel. This photo was taken at Darvari Skete. © Basilica.ro / Mircea Florescu
“Peace is the gift of God and the responsibility of man,” says Patriarch Daniel. A still from the celebrations marking the Union of Principalities on the Hill of the Patriarchate. © Basilica.ro / Mircea Florescu
The National Cathedral, an older ideal of Romanians, became a reality more than a hundred years after the 1918 Great Union. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene
The Patriarchal Cathedral at sunset. © Basilica.ro / Mircea Florescu
A enchanting setting during the Patriarchate’s annual carols concert. This little girl was enthralled with the Christmas carols chanted by Tronos Byzantine choir. © Basilica.ro / Raluca Ene

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