15 Patriarch Daniel Quotes on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Patriarch Daniel of Romania
  1. The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is at the same time a triumph over Adam’s sin of disobedience, over death and hell.
  2. Through His Crucifixion and Resurrection Christ shattered the curse that held captive the entire human race due to the sin of disobedience in which fell our foreparents Adam and Eve.
  3. The resurrection of all men is God’s exclusive gift, but every man’s happiness or unhappiness after the universal resurrection and judgement depends on their faith, repentance and the good or bad deeds performed during their earthly life.
  4. Before the eternal God we are paschal candles or torches.
  5. Christ’s Resurrection addresses all humans from all ages and places.
  6. Without the Resurrection, there is no church.
  7. Christ’s Resurrection differs from the raising of Lazarus since Christ never dies anymore. Death no longer has dominion over Him.
  8. Christ’s Resurrection is the sign of the triumph of His humble love over sin.
  9. Chris’s Resurrection shows us that a deed performed in this world from love of God and of fellow people never perishes.
  10. The Resurrection of the Lord is the beginning of a New Heaven and a New Earth.
  11. In Orthodoxy, Resurrection begins in hell when Christ preaches to those kept in the underworld since the beginning of the world, since the fall of the foreparents Adam and Eve.
  12. Christ has not been risen for His own sake, but to raise man from death, from permanent estrangement, and to lead him to the communion, joy and glory of the Kingdom of God.
  13. The General or Universal Resurrection will be accompanied by the evaluation of the deeds performed by us in history.
  14. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ makes the history of humankind and the entire Universe meaningful.
  15. In Christ’s Resurrection, we celebrate with anticipation our own resurrection and the final judgement of the world.

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