15 immortal quotes by Archbishop Pimen: Let us take care, but do not worry

  1. Christian life means happiness, even in tribulations.

  2. We live our lives with much anxiety and much pain because of our sins according to God’s providence. God calls us to Him through both troubles and sorrows, because in this way we can become wise, we better understand the will of God, which is the sanctification of our lives.

  3. Let us see what is more precious, the body or the soul. Let us take care, but do not worry.

  4. Stephen the Great became victorious with fasting, prayer and the Holy Cross and so we will become triumphant if we keep the ancestral faith and the love of our nation and our ancestral land.

  5. If we have been healed of a disease or if we have received any other blessing from God, we owe to make a sacrifice. We are obliged to give up something for the benefit of those around us and especially for the profit of the suffering. This is the Christian life: to sacrifice ourselves for those around us.

  6. Just as a tree receives its format and good growth in the nursery, so we are educated in the spiritual nursery, the family: mother and father.

  7. We must edify each other’s souls through this constant endeavour to please God, to remove evil thoughts, evil deeds, irrational words, not to take revenge, to forgive and to visit the Holy Church, to respect fasting seasons and other church ordinances. All are for our spiritual benefit.

  8. We must suffer by forgiving the one who sins against us because if there is no forgiveness, there is no love.

  9. Education is a complicated process, a holy and sanctifying process, and nothing good can be done without God’s help.

  10. God gives us everything we need, but we must contribute with obedience to His command and what lies in the power of our will.

  11. If I am to say what I loved most, it is that I loved to be obedient and to work for God, as it is said.

  12. We know a lot about the life of Stephen the Great, but we do not know his date of birth, because, in the Christian life, the most important date in a person’s life is the date of death. Because then we conclude the balance sheet of our deeds.

  13. To some children, in front of a manuscript: You see, there are straight lines, beautiful letters, without ink stains. And do you know what they used to write back then? Goose feather quill, but golden ideas. Today many write with a golden pen, but goose ideas.

  14. The disadvantages are very significant because we live in a materialistic age. It is a purely materialistic age, which seeks information, not education. That is why the Church must get involved for the spiritualization of today’s world and particularly of the youth. And just as the tree first forms in the nursery, so does man. The young man, the child must be brought to the Church because it is formed here; he learns the things of life; he learns to be conscientious.

  15. That’s why I became a priest: to learn to die every day. We prepare every day for the great encounter with Him.

Photography courtesy of Doxologia

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